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It is strongly recommended that you have your pool or spa serviced weekly to maintain proper water chemistry and pool and spa surface(plaster, pebbletech, hydrazzo, and fiberglass) maintainence to prevent damage and wear such as (etching, staining, calcification, mold buildup, chloromines, and tile mortor erosion) for the long-term usability and the health of your personal oasis.

We recommend cleanings on calm days with minimal or no wind to prevent flying debris from ending up back in your pool or spa or on days when it is not raining and leaves and other debris from nearby shubbery will be washed into your pool or spa.  Ideally, you want your pool or spa serviced on a sunny day with ideal weather conditions. However, your pool or spa can be serviced in any climate.  We are available during any weather except acts of God preventing us from arriving at your location.

Absolutely.  Your cover can only do so much. It only “covers” the surface.  You need to have your waters chemistry properly balanced for optimum usability. Also, pool surfaces ( plaster, hydrazzo, pebbletech, and fiberglass) and the associated tiles require weekly brushing, vaccuming and general maintainence to ensure the safest and healthiest use of your pool and spa.

It’s not necessary with weekly maintainence, but it will increase the overall health and cleanliness of your pool, not to mention it will help keep your pool’s surface free of algae and dirt. We always recommend using a pool sweep.

No, Sorry. At this time we do not service painted pools or spas.

No. Above-ground pools, also known as “doughboys” are not currently serviced by Always Perfect Pool & Spa. 

We don’t service above ground, painted pools, ponds, aquariums, or infiatable pool and spa systems.